Success teams for women

What`s that?

The concept of the success teams originates from Barbara Sher. The idea is, that a group of 4-6 people help each other to achieve their personal or professional goals. The success team meets for 8 sessions, in which the team members concretise their goals, pursue and follow up regularly, motivate and consequently help each other to accomplish set goals. The 8 sessions are 3 hours long and are moderated by me – a professional Coach. A fixed shedule structures each session and allows every participant the same time for their needs.


As Coach I moderate every meeting and give input in form of methods and exercises, that will help you to work on your goal. Herefore methodically I follow the structure of Barbara Sher. Contenwise I modified the sessions and bring my own methods and approach into the meetings.

In 8 meetings you will learn how to concretise your goals and how to deal with obstacles and demotivation in order to successfully pursue and accomplish your goal. As Coach I moderate the exchange of the group, which is helping each other with ideas, inspiration and motivation.

You can of course continue your team after the official end if there is interest.

Special Offer! Each participant of a success team in starting May will receive one additional Coaching-Session for free. I am looking forward to hear from you!


Dates Spring-Summer 2019:

8 x mondays: 17:15 h – 20:15 h

13. May; 20. May; 3. June; 17. June; 1. July; 15. July; 29. July & 12. August


8 x saturday:  10.00 h – 13.00 h

11. May; 18. May; 1. June; 15. June; 29. June; 13. July; 27. July & 10. August

Registration until 18. April

Price: 400 € total


In order to provide continuity of the meetings and the work within the team it is required that you will participate at least 7 meetings. A change between the dates, meaning the monday and saturday teams is not possible.

Please register via  Tel.: 030 99 214 994 / Please also use the contact form.

If you have any questions regarding the success team or questions regarding your goal I am happy to help. Contact me! Leave a message. I will come back to you, as soon as possible.


In case you are uncertain and have not yet any idea for your goal… Make an appointment for a personal coaching before!