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Cornelia Peters
Coach & Alternate Practitioner for Psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie), Mag. art, Linguistics
Prinz-Georg-Str. 7, 10827 Berlin
telephone: 030 / 99 214 994

Office adress:

Cornelia Peters
Coach & Alternate Practitioner for Psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie)
c/o Heilpraxen am Kleistpark
Crellestrasse 27,
10827 Berlin

telephone: 030 / 99 214 994


Sole proprietorship:

freelance work, declared at Finanzamt Schöneberg, Berlin

Tax authority:

Finanzamt Schöneberg

Tax-No: 18/469/02026 for  Psychotherapy

Tax-No: 18/469/02034 for Coaching


For psychotherapy:

legal occopational description
Alternative Practioner limited to the area of psychotherapy by Non-Medical-Practioners act (HeilprG), without medical licence

Alternative Practioner licence in Germany from 10.12.2014 by local authority Tempelhof-Schöneberg Berlin – Health Authority (Gesundheitsamt) – Concession by § 1 Non-Medical-Practioners Act (Heilpraktikergesetz -HeilprG) sect. 1 of the first implementing ordinance from  Febr. 17, 1939 and the respectivly applying version by the local authority (Bezirksamt ) Tempelhof Schöneberg Berlin, Devision Health Authority.

Regulation Authority:
Local authority Tempelhof-Schöneberg Berlin
– Health Authority –
10820 Berlin

Legal job regulations:
Law of advertising in the health care system: Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG)

Non-Medical-Practioners act: Heilpraktikergesetz (HeilprG)

Promise of salvation based on Non-Medical-Practioners act:

Please pay attention to the following information due to legal issues:

All information on this web site is for information purpose only. A promise of salvation cannot be deduced. Relief or recovery is not promised or confirmed. This internet page must not be used for deduction of your own diagnosis and it must not be used for choosing methods of treatment. My information is no substitute for a professional treatment by a licenced doctor or pychological psychotherapist. Therefore no liability can be accepted for claims that may arise from this internet publication.

I am not willing or obliged to participate in dispute resolution procedures before of a consumer arbitration board.

For Coaching:

occupational description: Coach

certification: NLP Practioner and NLP Master, DVNLP


Liability for content:

Providing services according to § 7 sect.1 TMG I am liable for my own content on this website by the general law. According to §§ 8 – 10 TMG I am not reliable to monitor information by others or to research the background that hints toward infringement.

Obligations to deleate or ban information by the general law is not touched by this. Liability only arises when knowledge of a specific infringement is available. If I receive knowledge of infringement I will immediately remove the specific content.

I am not willing or obliged to participate in dispute resolution procedures before of a consumer arbitration board.

Liability for Links

The decision by the state court of Hamburg from 12.05.1998 declares, by publishing a link, one is liable for the content of said link. According to the state court this can only be avoided by clearly distancing oneself from said content.  For all published links on my website I hereby declare, that I distance myself from its content and do not adopt the content from those links.

My website includes links to website of other parties. I have no influence on the content of this sites. Therefore I cannot give any guarantees for the content of other sites. The responsibility and liability for this sites lies by the owners and publishers of those sites. Infringement was not recognizable when I linked the content to my site.

A permanent control of the content of the linked sites is not acceptable without concrete indications of infringement. When I receive knowledge of infringement I will remove these links immediately.

Data protection

Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of Coaching & Perspektiven owned by Cornelia Peters. The use of the Internet pages of Coaching & Perspektiven is possible without any indication of personal data; however, if a data subject wants to use special enterprise services via our website, processing of personal data (name, adress, e-mail)could become necessary. If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is no statutory basis for such processing, we generally obtain consent from the data subject. The data will not be given to third parties without consent.

Please not that the data transfer in the internet (for example communication via e-mail) can have security risks. An end-to-end secure protection of your data for the access of third parties is not possible.

For futher information of data protection see also our privacy policy


The published content is copyrighted. I am not liable for mistakes within the texts or links.

Copying or circulation or any other use outside the copyright needs written permission. Downloads and copies are only for private and non-commercial use.

Content that has not been provided by the owner of this site, takes the copyright of others into consideration. Content of other parties will be marked as such. If you should have knowlede of copyright infringement please let me know. When I receive knowledge of infringement I will remove the content immediatly.



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Photos with pictures of me at my page: office or about me are copyrighted by the photographer: Sabine Stransky-Feldt

Free picture rights: Pexels, Pixabay on all other pages

If you should find pictures to which you have private rights, please contact me and I will remove them immediatly.

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Kerstin Heidrich, Berlin,

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Christian Mantey:


In case any parts of this site should attract criticism, please contact me before you take legal steps. Everything can be resolved.