There are many help lines in Berlin.
Do not hesitate if you need help, do not know what to do or simply need to talk!
Some offer help in different languages. All will try to help you.

You can find help here!

Follow the link (external page opens):

Berliner Krisendienst – Berlin Crisis Help Line (English and other languages available)

Telefonseelsorge Berlin – Telephone help line Berlin

Kirchliche TelefonSeelsorge Berlin/Brandenburg – Church help line

Muslimisches SeelSorge Telefon – Muslim help line

BIG Hotline bei häuslicher Gewalt – help in cases of domestic violence (English available)

LARA Fachstelle gegen sexualisierte Gewalt gegen Frauen – help for women in case of sexual violence (English and other languages available)

Frauen KrisenTelefon – women crisis telephone (English and other languages available)

Frauen Nachtcafé – womens night café