I am pleased you are here!


I am Cornelia Peters, coach, alternative practitioner/Heilpraktikerin for psychotherapy, linguist and a passioned “Schönebergerin”. Therefore my office lies in the heart of Schöneberg, in Crellestraße 27 at the Heilpraxen am Kleistpark.

You can reach me:

Telephone: 030 99 214 994 email: info@coaching-perspektiven.com

at Heilpraxen Kleistpark:

upon consultation at the following times :
Mo, Tue, Wed, Fri 17:00-20:30 h; Sat 11:00 – 14:00 h

Please write me an email or leave a telephone message. I will call you back.

A regular consultation is 60 minutes for therapy and 90 minutes for coaching.
I offer you a personal preliminary talk so we can get to know each other at my office.

Price and Regulations

Coaching: direct payment
Session 90 minutes100 € (excluding VAT)

Psychotherapy: direct payment ( in some cases (private) health insurance)
Session 60 minutes – 68 € (excluding VAT)

Questions and brief preliminary talk via telephone – for free
Personal preliminary talk at the office: 20 minutes -10 € (excluding VAT)

Cancellation and Delay

Please cancel 3 days/72 hours in advance if you cannot come. I will charge the full fee if cancelled later than 2 days/48 hours before the meeting or no show.

I cannot guarantee to extend the time of the session in case of delay.


Information regarding health insurance for treatment by alternative practitioners for psychotherapy

I have the permission to work as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy. An alternative practitioner for psychotherapy is no pychological psychotherapist but a non-medical practitioner who works with the psyche.

For the health insurance the usually means, it is not a psychotherapy in the understanding of the regulations for health insurance (meaning treatment by psychotherapists recognized by psychotherpist-law) but an alternative curative treatment for the psyche. Please make sure, you ask your health insurance exactly which treatments will be reimbursed, under what conditions and what treatments may be included for curative treatments by an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy.

Private health insurance reimburse treatments by alternative practitioners for psychotherapy only if it is explicitly stated in your insurance contract.  For additonal insurances for curative treatments by alternative practitioners please make sure, the alternative treatment for the area of psychotherapy is included in your insurance contract.

If your insurance includes reimbursement for curative treatments for alternative practitioners for pychotherapy, please note: alternative practitioners for psychotherapy have no way of billing the insurance directly. This means, the patient has to pay the alternative practitioner directly. You yourself are responsible to take care of the clearance and reimbursement by your health insurance. Me myself as an alternative practioner I have no influence on the amount of reimbursement.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I will advise you to my best knowledge on this subject.