Intercultural Coaching is mainly about understanding the self and others with regard to the cultural context of our origin.

Everyone is unique and we look at the world differently. Everybody is different. Everybody has their own way of life. If various cultural characters meet, irritations and misunderstandings can appear. To quote Paul Watzlawick: “Everybody thinks, that their reality is the only reality.“ This is the reason why at times when different expectations meet, it can have an impact on the self-image of identity and the sense of belonging and therefore can lead to a feeling of insecurity and alienness.

Intercultural coaching pays attention to those aspects.  This allows you to reflect about your own expectations and (cultural) imprints.

The main themes in intercultural coaching are mainly the same, as with coaching: meaningful life, happiness, personal development, dealing with emotions and processes of personal change. Intercultural awareness is enriching the coaching process.

I developed a solid intercultural awareness due to my own stays abroad, my studies on this subject and my extended working experience as an exterritorial employee at an embassy. In my work as a coach I benefits from this knowledge and can expand my coaching approach by intercultural aspects.


I support you in situations with cultural differences …

to deal with consequential insecurities

to improve communication

to strengthen „Intercultural Awareness“

to change perspectives and to assess  situations anew