Perspectives open up for Development

The word perspective means „ars perspectiva“ – the art of looking and in Latin was used as „perspectare“. This basically means „to look through something, to look closely at something.“   *Wahrig dictionary of etymology



Together with you I want to look closely and below the surface.

At my first lecture as a student, my art professor said: “First you have to learn to look properly”. I will always be grateful for this lecture. This is exactly what I did and not only in the arts.

I learned to see my counterparts, myself, the culture and surroundings, in which we exist, our origins and our very own history.

As a linguist I looked behind the surface of language. I studied the etymology of language, the analysis of conversations and intercultural communication. I learned to read in between the lines and to be mindful with words. Our language forms our reality by how we say something. We communicate verbally and nonverbally. The message often lies in between.

I am looking and I am listening!

I further consolidated my knowledge with several trainings and qualifications as coach and alternative practioner for psychotherapy and found my calling.

One basic believe in Neurolinguistic Programming – NLP, that influenced me, says: “When changing your language you change your perspective and by this the world around you.” This is what NLP and many other approaches in coaching and therapy are based on.

In the end it is all about what perspective we take in life, towards people and things, who we meet and what we experience. When we stay flexible in life’s situations and stay open in our outlook, we will develop ourselves further. Only those who keep a flexible mind can change their perspective and discover something new. Because perspectives open up for development.


What I wish for my clients…

I wish that the outlook of my clients opens up for new perspectives! It is important to me, that each woman will become who she wants to be.

I support my clients, so that they can find a new point of view and new ways with my guidance. So that they can discover, what they need in order to develop themselves further and to take the first steps towards their goals. It is important to me, that my clients understand how they can achieve change and to actively drive the change.

How I work…

Every client already has all the answers and solutions to their questions. I know it. This is based on the understanding that the client is willing to change and work actively towards achieving their goals. You are responsible for your own life. I would love to accompany you on your journey. Yet I can give no promise of relief or recovery.

In my coaching I use a wide range of methods. They all have in common that they are resource focused and based on positive psychology.


I am a member at the following associations:

Association of free psychotherapists, alternative practitioners for psychotherappy and psychologic advisers e.V.

My working methods are:

NLP-Neurolinguistic Programming by DVNLP

IPT – Integrative Psychotherapy


constellation and gestaltism work

systemic structural constellations (by Insa Sparrer und Mathias Varga)

impulse and goal achievement techniques


Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Coaching&Perspektiven

My education and training

Non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy – Permission by Health Authority Berlin

ITP – integrative psychotherapy, (Institut Christof Mahr)

Hypnosis – psychosomatic and burn-out (Henning Alberts)


basic systemic structure constellations (Elisabeth Ferrari based on Sparrer &Varga)

NLP- Practitioner und Master (IFAPP Berlin), DVNLP

X-pert intercultural communications professional

Team coaching, (NLP-Spectrum Kommunikation)


Linguistics, Literature and Art History at the Ludwig-Alberts-Universität Freiburg

degree: Magister Artium


more about the methods…



Neuro-linguistic- programming describes – based on the results on modern systemic theories, linguistic, neuro-psychology and psychology – the basic process on how people see their surroundings. It looks at what people do with this information, how they feel and act, communicate with each other, learn and change. NLP therefore offers a wide range of methods to deal with the questions of life.


ITP -Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative Psychotherapy (IPT) in its differentiated approach was developed by Christoph Mahr. He was my teacher. IPT is an approach that integrates schools and methods. The idea is to utilize different concepts so they can interact in an integrative way. The methods integrated are: schema therapy, conversational therapy, gestalt therapy, hypnosis, systemic family constellations and further logo therapy and existential therapy.